I cricked my neck this morning changing my shirt in the bathroom at 2.a.m. Now I’m going to spend all day feeling sorry for myself and asking the universe to take away the pain. It reminds me of feeling sick, feeling like you have this handicap that isn’t that bad but because it’s the only major annoyance for the time being, the moment it’s gone, it feels like freedom and a breath of fresh air.

    I’ve been missing Jamaica so I started running through all the songs on my ipod, and have been connecting mostly with reggae music or music from across the Caribbean sea. I told myself to stop searching for a feeling and just let the music play. Currently, I’m listening to Grooving my girl by Richie Spice. I’m thinking about traveling cross-country with this song bumping through the speakers. I remember the rumble of the road. Outside the window it was daylight. We were driving fast. No 65mph speed limits and too many people. There was blue sky and yellow fields with common notes of houses and straight lines.

It was the best thing I’d ever seen. Coming from mountains and valleys to plains and long horizons I had only read of in books. A chance to explore, a different kind of atmosphere.

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