Shine Upon My Face

Let the sun not shine upon my face

For I have proven to be a disgrace

Field mice and snakes may do their duty then rest

But for me I must forever be put to test

I deserve not the comforts and eases of sleep for the more

For I have been taught to always shut that door

I must carry the burden and weight of one forever out of place

A stumbling child of the universe in need of grace

When my weary feet can take it no more

I trip and hesitate on bruises that battered me to the floor

I search the heavens and beseech my soul

I light the corridors of my own aching hole

For where shall I look when I have searched the great outdoors

Yet found no place of refuge and solace that can lead me back to shore

Then comes the work of rebuilding each day

Of trying and learning to love this here face

For it is my only face, that knowledge I grasp

Why can't it not feel the sunshine, not know that it can be glad

The embers that crackle, the firsts of light now piercing through

Guide me by sun, by twilight, by moon

Each step is a hidden metanoia of the soul

My tears embrace my heart, which shivers from the rhythm sprung anew

At dawn, the first bleeding lights of rays

Scare me no more, may that sun please touch upon mine face