Searching for Humanity Work Descriptions

Felipe Berrios

TITLE: Felipe Berrios MEDIUM: Oil and paper on sewn canvas SIZE: 3ft 10in by 4ft 1in DESCRIPTION: Jesuit priest who helped found the organization “Un Techo Para Mi Pais” (A Roof for my Country), Chile. Techo aims to eradicate extreme poverty by working with residents to provide transitional housing but long term impact to those in communities across Latin America.

SOURCE: Photographs

Diane Reeder

TITLE: Diane Reeder MEDIUM: Oil on canvas SIZE: 4ft x 4ft DESCRIPTION: Executive Director of the Queens Galley soup kitchen in Kingston, NY. They provide meals to Ulster County residents as well as education on proper nutrition on low-budget incomes.

SOURCE: Video taken by artist

Carolyn Gomes

TITLE: Carolyn Gomes MEDIUM: Oil on canvas SIZE: 6 x 8ft DESCRIPTION: Co-founder of Jamaicans for Justice, an advocacy organization that focuses on human rights in Jamaica, well known for its stance on police brutality and speaking out for those in need of a legal voice in spite of controversy. Now Executive Director of the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, that provides services to and on behalf of vulnerable populations in need of healthcare particularly in regards to HIV infection.

SOURCE: Combined photographs and videos

Tia Bete

TITLE: Tia Bete MEDIUM: Oil on canvas SIZE: 3ft 4in by 4ft DESCRIPTION: (Elisabete Aparecida Dias da Silva) Brazilian community leader who has run a school Oca dos Curumins for children and teenagers since the 1970s. Oca has continually given many children access to education and opportunity, but focuses on self-management of the individual, connecting school and life. She is also partnered with Community in Action, an NGO also providing education and access to students in the favela community of Complexo Alemão, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Tia Bete SOURCE: Photograph

Elizabeth Scharpf and Julienne Ingabire

TITLE: Elizabeth Scharpfh and Julienne Ingabire MEDIUM: Oil on canvas SIZE: 4ft 2in x 5ft DESCRIPTION: Founders of Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE). SHE uses entrepreneurial means to solve the problem of women’s access to menstrual pads, a problem which significantly affects work productivity. Starting in Rwanda, the organization is known for its creation of a 3-cent pad manufactured using local workers and

SOURCE: Photographs

Max Kenner

TITLE: Max Kenner MEDIUM: Oil on canvas SIZE: 4ft 2in x 5ft DESCRIPTION: Founder of the Bard Prison Initiative, which provides credit-bearing and degree granting education to individuals in correctional institutions across New York State.

 SOURCE: Video taken by artist

Bunker Roy

TITLE: Bunker Roy MEDIUM: Oil on canvas SIZE: Panel I 3ft x 3ft10in, Panel II 2ft x 3ft10in DATE: December 2014 DESCRIPTION: Indian activist and founder of the Barefoot College, which focuses on providing sustainable solutions to water access, solar power, and medical treatment by empowering locals through self-provision these resources with education and training.

SOURCE: Combined photographs and video

Nawal el Saadawi

TITLE: Nawal el Saadawi MEDIUM: Oil on Wood SIZE: Four 12” x 12” + Two10 x 12” (One piece was stolen during exhibition) DESCRIPTION: Egyptian writer whose work highlights issues facing women, particularly within Islam culture. She is most known for her advocacy against female genital mutilation, but is against circumcision in both sexes and the general mistreatment of women is an essential part of her writings. SOURCE: Photographs

A person

TITLE: A person MEDIUM: Oil on canvas SIZE: 3ft x 4ft DESCRIPTION: Intended to represent any person, stripped of all ‘layers’ of society. SOURCE: From life


TITLE: Me MEDIUM: Oil on canvas SIZE: 18 x 24in DATE: July 2014 DESCRIPTION: A person with a strong passion for life. SOURCE: From life